Saturday, March 22, 2014

Spring Summer 2014 Men Sneaker Fashion Trends

In the new season, becoming a frequent part of the collection, sneaker is the hot choice for everyone. A series of shoes are shown, like athletic shoes, in Men Sneaker fashion trend Spring Summer 2014.The current models are not only innovative but also traditional details.

Spring Summer 2014 Men Sneaker Fashion Trends
Traditional and innovative designs from Kenzo, Christopher Raeburn, Bally, Bally
In the collection, you can find out all kinds of men sneakers or boots, or models following sport styles. Besides, the subject of sporty design doesn’t include in the collection for this trend.

Men Sneaker Spring Summer Fashion Trend 2014
Men sneakers and design of sport shoes from Valentino, Missoni, Fendi, Louis Vuitton
Compared to the others, white men sneakers or one colored models are in the fashionable. Because traditional many –colored performances continued staying an important models-the hottest trend in this season. Abstract, camouflage and geometric print are also popular.

2014 Spring Summer Men Sneaker Fashion Trends
White men sneaker and printed shoes from Rick Owens
In the new season, the biggest interest of fashion of some designers is creating new sneaker models. In cooperation with Adidas, Rick Owens brings a collection of minimalist models in the futurism patterns. The outstanding is that they are differed from these others by chopped lines, white-black contrast and an exaggerated volume.

Men Sneaker Spring Summer 2014 Fashion Trend
Chopped lines, white-black contrast and an exaggerated volume sneakers from Raf Simons
With the combination of Adidas, and basing on the concept of Adidas shoes-shoes-in, Raf Simons introduced a bright collection-a modern incarnation of the iconic past models. A series of models are modern and latest, such as designs with big shapes, extravagant combination of materials and colors in the styles of Lego. Moreover, boots are still relevant in this collection.

Spring Summer 2014 Men Sneaker Fashion Trends
Unusual and bright line of sneaker from Prada
From Prada fashion designers, another unusual and bright line of sneaker was shown commonly. It is not only a part of design of the elements of men’s sneaker and shoes, and in addition we can find out slippery sneakers, but also with high models got inspiration from wrestling shoes.
Shoes are no longer a need to treat accessories for a certain set of clothes, but it is now also regarded as a particular fashion trend. In this season, the fashion designer brings the collection Men sneaker spring summer fashion 2014 with male full sample shoes, beautiful and unique through the details, materials and colors. With such diversity, the men will be happy and confident in communication.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Latest Sport Suits Fashion Spring Summer 2014

Being suitable for activities like doing exercises, working or lie on the coach or party with your friend, it is a multi-function thing from you can get from latest sport suits fashion Spring Summer 2014 collection. Especially, there are new styles shown in this season by the fashion designers as well as casual clothes in sport are fashionable. In addition sport apparel manufactures also try to improve everything for serving models.
Latest Sport Suits Fashion Spring Summer 2014

A jacket with short sleeves warm windproof version and models with a light sheen
Each season has different styles of course. In the summer, the petite models with Capri pants and a jacket with short sleeves, however, in the spring or autumn you had better take warm and windproof version. Models with a light sheen by this way are fashionable in the new trend. Designs shown combined, one-colored, with pants of bright shade or a jacket made in the retro style or futuristic are popular in the collection. One kind of popular model suiting for women is “Push” shown in this season.
Spring Summer 2014 Sportswear Fashion
Hoodies and cropped tops tight tops with long sleeves, leggings
A various models are introduced in this collection of the famous brands, the designed women sportswear suits are more and more interesting. Some original models are chosen commonly, such as hoodies and cropped tops which are entirely easy for anyone‘s choices. Mostly , all kinds of models are convenient for special sport activities and the environment are commonly selected, such as shorts and bra-tops, Capripants and tank-tops in various styles, hoodies, tight tops with long sleeves, loose pants with a landing on the hips and leggings .
Latest Women Sport Suits Fashion Spring Summer 2014
Prints, abstract prints, geometric and different shades of camouflage
Furthermore, one of the latest models in this season is Female sports suit with print. Especially, abstract prints, geometric and different shades of camouflage are relevant too. Color is also an important factor in the design, some common ones like red, blue, pink, light blue, rich shade burgundy, pastel shades and bright neon. Moreover, the two-color combination is popular, for example white and black, or all shades of gray.
Spring Summer 2014 Sport Suits Fashion
Retro models, color scheme, classic silhouettes, ergonomic lines and futuristic models
With purpose for men’s sport wear 2014, the fashion designers show models designed with retro including color scheme, classic silhouettes, ergonomic lines and models of futuristic design with bright neon accents. Besides, a series of colors are also used, like yellow, bright red, white, black, white, all shades of blue, as well as designs with color blocks are still popular.
Latest Men Sport Suits Fashion Spring Summer 2014
Fashion men sport suits
Among specialized sport collections, fashion men sport suits can be found easily. Particularly, many fashion designers from pret-a porter show sport designs in their latest collection. Although not all if these models can be used for jogging doing the gym, designers create original and even extravagant solutions in this.
In the new season, many fashion designers have introduced many unique designs, excellent with a variety of colors, dynamic styles for all sports activities. Sport suit Spring Summer 2014 collection brings not only men but also women of your choices for themselves. To select a variety for your wardrobe right now. This collection is the shopping paradise that will make you happy with your choices.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Summer 2014 Women Beach Hat Fashion Trends

It will be an interesting holiday at beach with a stylish hat or a fashionable headgear chosen form your wardrobe without yours health problems. For the new season, the collection of Women beach hat summer fashion trend 2014 brings a series of fashionable and stylish models.

Summer 2014 Women Beach Hat Fashion Trends

Romantic related broad-brimmed hat.
Although there are many kinds of hat in this season, romantic broad-brimmed hat is also related to this collection. Moreover, the most sensitive details can be found from the air and feminine one to the rollicking cowboy in the shows of fashionable beachwear and accessories.
Women Beach Hat Summer 2014 Fashion Trend
Hat with men styles and straw hats.
Not only suitable but also fashionable to use Tyrolean, Fedora and other models in men’s designs are made women hats in this season. Straw is the most common chosen materials due to its natural color and bright in the fashion. Traditional contrasting ribbon and flower buds are decorated on the hat by designers.
Summer 2014 Women Beach Hat Fashion Trend
Visor hats , baseball caps, plastic hats and hats with cap.
In addition the above materials, there are also some others selected in the collection, such as baseball caps, visor hats ,and volume visors which are made of straw and various shades on transparent plastic are the latest models. Some designers created a series of models by a cap suiting for anyone likes extravagant headdress.
Women Summer Fashion Trend 2014
Bandanas, headbands and headscarves in the collection.
One kind of hats that is also the latest style in the collection is included bandanas, headbands and headscarves. With it, you can be freedom tie around your head or can build something like a turban. Generally, headbands and headscarves are made of a fabric with a pattern for the swimming suit.
Women Beach Hat Summer Fashion Trend 2014
Straw hat and openwork knit fabric models.
Mostly, models are made of straw or openwork knit fabric in the beach hats of summer 2014. The designers choose a lot of color for making hats, like green, white, pink, blue, and two-tone and stripes are related to. Furthermore, there are some other styles related such as a décor of flowers, traditional bands, fashion beach hats decorated with cord or ribbon with prints, metal fittings, beads and embroidery.
Charming, unique from natural materials and combined with some way design, fashion designers offer collections of women beach hat summer fashion 2014 hat pattern exquisite series of hat. With such diversity, the girls will unleash their choice for a beautiful summer ahead.


Friday, March 14, 2014

Spring 2014 Men Shoes Fashion Trends

Coming to the collection of men shoes spring fashion 2014 of shoes and low boots, the customers will find stylish and informal products. Because of the unique styles spice and exciting solutions, almost models become more interesting in the new season.
Spring 2014 Men Shoes Fashion Trends
Men shoes models with laces
In the new season, although the models with the laces are the most common choice, shoes with monk styles are not outstanding ;as well as the traditional perforation is also hardly appear.
Men Shoes Spring 2014 Fashion Trend
Solid sole with different décor and colors
Besides the relevant of the classic with small heels, the solid sole is also one of the latest fashion trends. It can be highlighted in décor or color, even metal in the collection
Spring 2014 Men Shoes Fashion Trend
Loafers, moccasin, sleepers and chukkas –the most popular models
Moreover, sleepers, loafers, moccasins and chukkas in various versions are also the most popular shoe models. Especially, it is easy to find ones in any design collection.
Men Shoes Fashion Trend Spring 2014
Perforates materials and partly or wholly styles
Perforated materials and models made with partly or wholly styles for men shoes are fashionable details in the men shoes fashion collection.
Men Spring Fashion Trend 2014
Some unique materials making shoe
Many kinds of materials are suitable for making men shoes with low boots styles and shoes, such as suede, nubuck, smooth leather, textile, the reptile skin and its imitation. Especially, the combined materials with various textures are still popular.
Spring Summer Fashion Trend 2014
Contrasting colors used in designs
Models made with contrasting colors combinations on the structures are one of the most stylish and outstanding details of the season. White and black are the most two-color using, as well as oxfords with a W-shapes toe.
Spring Summer 2014 Fashion Trend
Vibrant colors and imitating the shabbiness models
One-color and imitating the shabbiness models are another fashionable color trend. With the colors like emerald green, cherry and cobalt blue, both traditional and trendy colorful details can be chosen in this collection by the fashion designers.
Spring 2014 Men Fashion Trend
One-color and imitating the shabbiness models
Especially, other colors like orange, yellow, cobalt blue, red and tangerine are suitable for making men shoes. However, brown, mustard and black are not common. Moreover, gold metallic and silver are fashionable details.
Men Shoes Spring Fashion Trend 2014
Printed shoes and low boots for men fashion
Being related to all models of the men shoes collection, low boots and men shoes are extremely popular. In the new season, there is a series of fashion drawings, for example, stripes, pattern and floral, bright Kaleidoscope picture, various abstractions and other geometric prints.
As a paradise for fashion shoes men, to the new season, the collection has provided men shoes spring fashion 2014 with shoes new style , unique in terms of colors, materials and designs. With more choices so great, surely the guys will be satisfied with the product for the upcoming season.

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Monday, March 10, 2014

Spring 2014 Men's Boots Fashion Trends

For the new season, stylish performance without any excesses and experimentation with form characterized for the men shoes spring 2014 collection. Color and materials, using both traditional and bold solutions are focused on by the fashion designers.
Spring 2014 Men's Boots Fashion Trends
Most popular Men’s high boot model
Most of these models have relief, but they are not aggressive sole. Besides, high boots are still fashionable styles. The most popular models among the standard-height boots are on the lace-up, which does not exclude smooth boots with elastic band or zippers.
Men Boots Spring 2014 Fashion Trend
Men’s boots with small relief and decorative
It is still common for men’s boots on a small heel, but taking the place of the fashion trend is the solid sole. Generally, models are designed by the sole protrudes with slightly outward. A small relief on the sides and decorative stitching are fashionable models.
Spring 2014 Men Boots Fashion Trend
Chukka boot Men
Chukka boots is the most outstanding trend of the collection. It is easy to find out them in many collections. Moreover, all versions of these models are commonly chosen, comprising the ones with atypical elements of the décor and athletic sole.
Men Boots Fashion Trend Spring 2014
Most popular material: smooth skin, nubuck and suede
For men shoes spring 2014, with smooth skin, nubuck and suede are very relevant. It is still popular for combined models which relates to the ones with the use of textiles.
Men Spring 2014 Fashion Trend
Spring 2014 Men’s boot color
In the collection of men boots, white is very relevant for all models. Besides, some other colors are fashion, such as gold metallic and silver , traditional shades, vibrant and pastel colors of the season, light blue, blue, yellow, knaki, emerald green, cherry and red.
Spring Summer 2014 Fashion Trend
Combination of two or three contrasting colors is one of the most latest Men’s boot trends
Shoes with a combination of two or three contrasting colors is one of the most latest trends of the collections, especially, the relevant ones are the contrast of white and black. Generally, separate and sole structural parts are outstanding like such designs.
Men Boots Spring Fashion Trend 2014
Men boots with a print
In the collections, it is not common to find out men boots with a print, however, in the new season the print is one of the latest fashion trends of men fashion. Prints like abstract, floral, reptile prints and geometric prints are the most popular prints
Not only for women, in the new season, for men, the fashion designer introduced a unique collection Men boots spring fashion trend 2014. The variety of shapes, rich materials, with exquisite patterns and beautiful colors, these guys certainly will have more choices for themselves and satisfied products collection.

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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Spring Summer 2014 Women Beach Footwear Fashion Trends

Many kinds of fashionable footwear are shown in the collection of Beach Spring Summer footwear fashion 2014 from the beachwear designers. These are models designed with the combination of swimwear and the heeled elegant sandals, platform shoes, even ankle boots and boots. Moreover sometimes without the beach’s choices, it can be chosen for a party. Coming to this collection, you can be easily many styles, which will make so many normal images, just follow the styles before, without favorite sandals, vacation comfort and healthy risk.
Spring Summer 2014 Women Beach Footwear Fashion Trends
In the collection, designers show series of models with flip-flops and sandals on the wedges and platform. Therefore, it is attractive for those who are not willing to refuse high-heel and to choose these fashionable styles. In addition, there need a various materials for making ,such as cork, wood, natural materials and wicker straw, or materials combined with prints and bright colors. Moreover, they often used ribbon or cord for fastener in beach sandals.
Women Spring Summer 2014 Footwear Fashion Trend
One of the most common styles in the new summer season is Espadrilles –the convenient beach fashion and which are very confortable soft shoes made for relaxation. Even for those who are so interested in the sport shoes, like on the beach, in the collection still fond of bright sneakers.
Spring Summer 2014 Women Footwear Fashion Trend
Flat sole sandals are commonly chosen in the beach shoes in this collection. A series of beach footwear are introduced and fashionable, for example, sandals with long straps or laces on the ankle , models with a T-shaped crossing of straps, and retro fabric models in the new season.
Spring Summer 2014 Women Fashion Trend
Like these others, flip-flops are relevant. It is easy for the customers to select flip-flops with different prints, minimalist one-colored models, application, bright multi-colored coating of metallic and a reptile in the new collection.
Women Beach Footwear Spring Summer Fashion Trend 2014
Some styles in the beach shoes 2014 are still relevant, such as bright décor with crystals, color blocks and bead, or original texture material – thick cord, woven leather straps and multi-layered thread of beads. Besides, it is still in fashion for models with stripes, bright ethnic patterns and prints, polka dots, funny pictures and nautical theme.
The unique color of the materials, patterns, style dynamic but comfortable, fashion designers brought the shoe model for sample collection beach spring summer women’s footwear fashion 2014. It really is the paradise of footwear models and you will easily find yourself a pair like that, suitable for the coming spring summer.

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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Summer 2014 Women Beach Bags Fashion Trends

In the recent time, beach bags have become more popular. More rather than not, a striking design and materials betray its vacation nature, however, we can give up passion in pursuing these models in the hot season. In the women summer beach bag 2014 , it is versatile, comfortable, and unique styles. For this fashion, it will be certain to appreciate pretentious women.
Women Summer Beach Bags Trend 2014
Mara Hoffman Swim, 6 Shore Road (2,3), OndadeMar
For the new season, comfortable volumetric cloth bags, which are classics of beach fashion, are still relevant. Generally, elements of ethnic detail like decorated with colored beads, embroidery and colorful ornaments are shown by the designers
Women Beach Bags Summer Trend 2014
Versace, Caffe Swimwear (2-4), OndadeMar
Women beach bags are also in fashion. Moreover, with the traditional straw styles, some new models are fashionable, such as a perforated plastic, or model of weave of leather straps, or simulating the texture of the weave, crocheted bags. They also created by unlike handles made of thick cord, wood, bamboo, or a broad fabric.
Summer 2014 Women Beach Bags Trend
Agua Bendita, Maaji Swimwear, Jason Wu, Mara Hoffman (вверху), OndadeMar
Besides, large travel bags can be considered as a beach bag, but designers think that it should add some accessories offering bright models of luggage in the set of beach clothes.
Women Beach Bags Trend Summer 2014
Caffe Swimwear (1,2), Chanel, Emilio Pucci
Clutches and small beach bags become popular. With such nice models, it is so convenient to carry along to in the afternoon or any fun beach party in the evening. Straw models and small crocheted handbags look the most stylish and organic in the latest collection. However, in fact, other versions combined with the suit are not excluded.
Women Summer Beach Bags Trend 2014
Caffe Swimwear (1,2), Mara Hoffman, OndadeMar
In the collection of women summer beach bag 2014, the relevant colors are diverse, for example, bright vibrant shades of pink, white, yellow and azure colors. Both coated and natural straw color models are fashionable ones. Furthermore, there are some popular print, such as snake skin pattern, ethnic pattern and ornaments. At the finish of the models, an applique by crystals, stones, tassels, large multi-colored beads and beads are chosen commonly.
The variety of shapes, suitable for all marine activities, as well as color and unique materials, the women summer beach bag trend 2014 collection gives to women more choices for the coming summer. Along with a beautiful bag, the girls will be more confident, more energetic when stepping into the beach, and make sure that you will be satisfied with your choices.


Monday, March 3, 2014

Spring Summer 2014 Beach Dress Fashion Trends

It is so hard to distinguish tunic and beach dress, just basing on the complexity of details and cuts making the more interesting individual fashionable images. For the most demanding women of fashion, they can be satisfied with the beach dress fashion trend spring summer 2014 collection in this season due to the designers’ the good preparation with exciting and fashionable models.

Beach Dress Fashion Trend Spring Summer 2014
CM Cia.Maritima, Vix Paula Hermanny, Dolores Cortes (3,4), Mara Hoffman Swim, Aguaclara Swimwear
Mostly, designers focus on long beach dresses. Flared and straight sundresses on spaghetti straps , sundresses American armholes or with on strap and open back, baby doll models, and simple V-neck sleeveless dresses are the most common models in the new collection.
Spring Summer 2014 Beach Dress Fashion Trend
Aguaclara Swimwear, Caitlin Kelly, CM Cia.Maritima, Luli Fama, Mara Hoffman (5,6)
Compromise is refused in the new season. However, the most favorite is the current mexi dresses with the extreme mini models. Dresses for the beach like models with a low-cut, dress shirt and sheath dresses are the popular styles of mini.
Spring 2014 Beach Dress Fashion Trend
Mara Hoffman, L*Space By Monica Wise, Caffe Swimwear, Manglar, Vix Paula Hermanny, A.Che Swimwear
There is a relevant between the T-shirt dresses, simpler styles with spaghetti straps and tank top dresses. Moreover, bright décor and prints offset for easy cut of these models. Besides, drawstrings on the sides sometimes supplement for the tight-fitting knit mini-dresses.
Summer 2014 Beach Dress Fashion Trend
Caitlin Kelly, Caffe Swimwear (2,3), Luli Fama, Mara Hoffman, Suboo
It is the current fashionable styles for original parts of the cut like cut-outs at the waist, asymmetry of neckline and hem, layering, draping, deep cuts and flounces. Embroidery and fringe, décor lace, knitted and woven inserts are commonly used for beach dresses in the season.
Beach Dress Spring Summer 2014 Fashion Trend
Manglar, Dolores Cortes, Chanel, Anna Sui, Naila, Sauvage
Beach robes of different lengths as an alternative to dress are introduced. Designers usually create a set of swimming suits. Imagination limit fashion styles of beach robe, some of these are more light capes.
2014 Summer Beach Dress Fashion Trend
Anna Kosturova, Nanette Lepore, L*Space By Monica Wise, Mara Hoffman, Aguaclara Swimwear, Maaji
Silk, jersey, lightweight fabric with glitter, fine natural materials, chiffon and lace are the most popular materials for beach dress 2014 collection. Knitted and woven fabrics are still fashionable.
2014 Spring Beach Dress Fashion Trend
Anna Kosturova, Vix Paula Hermanny, Naila, L*Space By Monica Wise (4,5), Caitlin Kelly
Black, white, orange, caramel shades of azure, bright red, pink and blue are the most current colors for monochrome beach dress. Moreover, it is vogue for choosing combination of two contrasting colors.
Beach Dress Fashion Trend Spring Summer 2014
Caffe Swimwear, CM Cia.Maritima, Dolores Cortes, Mara Hoffman, Nanette Lepore, Poko Pano
Becoming one of the undisputed trends of the new season, beach dress with bright prints are the common choices. Images of exotic landscapes, birds, animals, snakes, leopard, flowers, mix prints on various shades, ikat and paisley, contrasting stripes, ethnic ornament for their models are selected for making designs by the fashion designers.
As a new wave of fashionable beach attire, the beach dress 2014 collection of samples for the season is not only beautiful in colors, the shape, but also modern materials. Browsing through the collection, you will easily choose a map like that one, and will certainly be satisfied with your choices.